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Deep down in the Louisiana swamp,
There is a girl who is a nice person to glomp.
Rosy red lips and piercing eyes of gold
With a shining, toothy smile that never grows old.

With muscles of a warrior and the mind of a mage,
There is not a power that can contain her primal rage.
With a severe addiction to Mr. Pibb
She cares deeply for all her babes in every single crib.

Able to read her family and friends like a book,
She produces art that’s always worth a look.
Her craziness and silliness knows no end,
Her morals and ideals, she will fight to defend

She has a wit as sharp as her sword,
Most people flee when she mentions she’s bored.
Her determination has let her become a top-class agent
She will keep on fighting until every last drop of mana has been spent.

She has overcome many trials in her life,
Now enjoying the world she has now as a mother, a sister and a wife.
From fighting her own father, and the trouble he made,
She rarely shows signs of being afraid.

She has a love of d20, and art stuff that is free,
When RPGObject’s are involved, she will let out a fangirl squee.
She does have a short attention span,
However, she’ll never lose sight of what’s important, she does what she can

A social girl with the need to emote,
She’ll do what she can to get the TV Remote.
A caring girl, with a heart way too big,
She once fought someone using a fig.

Sometimes needing a reminding kick up the butt,
She is great for getting people out of any kind of rut.
Takes great pleasure in removing a Y chromosome,
She has never once made up a palindrome

She has at her side her familiar, Bluescales, a charming little snake,
She has never been known to have her intentions as fake.
Quick like a butterfly, bites like a shark.
She has always enjoyed resting in the park

She’s sweet and hyper, and ticklish as hell,
Can’t be easily snuck up on thanks to her sense of smell
She has a soul that yearns to be free
To be honest, I am honoured to know someone like Rappy
Another gift poem, this time for :iconraptorial: who has been helping me out a lot lately.

Rappy = :iconraptorial:
tomjhyde Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
Quite adorable.
Ratchet27 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
Wow... that was interesting! I would write a critique, but I lack the membership...
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June 2, 2009
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