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Arkaden Tarnet. The capital of Arkaden Dividre, home of the Mages Council, and contains a plethora of races and species.  Earthborns were not common visitors in the capital, and Toana was fully aware of this fact. Stepping off her ship, the Burning Phoenix, she checked the bracer on her forearm, pushing a couple of buttons. It was her first visit, and having a map would be handy.  However, she didn't take two steps before running into a hunk of muscle, breaking her from her thoughts.

"Hey, kid! Who did you steal that from?"

Pulling herself from the man, she saw an orc and a drow in what vaguely resembled law enforcement, and not the kind, gentle ones.

"Is it so hard to believe it's my ship?"
"Yeah, you are merely a child – no kid could afford that sort of technology,"
"I assure you that the Phoenix is under my registration – I am Captain Toana Winters,  that should be sufficient to prove my honesty…"
The Orc spoke, looking at his apparent boss "Hey, ain't dat the name of dat Council chick?"
"Yeah, it is…fine then, Winters, you can go for now – but we're watching you!"

The drow motioned to the Orc to follow him, as Toana looked on, raising an eyebrow. She tapped her wrist, and spoke into the bracer

"Sue, can you identify who those people were?"
A synthetic voice came out "I am afraid not, miss – their uniforms do not match any on my database,"
"Lovely…Guess my surname carries weight…"

Toana shook her head, before donning a pair of shades and walking into the bright sunglare, unaware of a shady man watching her interaction with the 'cops'.


The street was a complete sea of people, trying to move through the blockade, arguing over prices. The Sauroblood coughed, and nearly gagged, the intense smell of sweat and perfumes hitting her like a boot to the face. She tied a bandana around her lower face, looking like a low-budget ninja. She entered the fray, catching snippets of conversation.

"…and I'm telling you it's only worth two hundred!"
"Miss! This potion will leave you eternally beautiful!"
"Toads for sale! Toads for sale!"

There wasn't much time for shopping, as a loud crash and screaming people caused Toana to be swept up in the crowd. Not wanting to be crushed she leapt up onto a stall's roof, earning the anger of a shopkeeper.

"Oi! Gerroff of my shop!"
"Well that doesn't look friendly..."
"Of course I ain't gonna be friendly! You're gonna ruin my stock!"
"No, that!"

She pointed towards the source of the commotion, making the shopkeeper look, then run in the opposite direction. Rampaging through the crowd was a fierce animal that resembled a furry gorilla, but with horns and hooves. A Udongo-Tumbili. She knew she was going to regret it. She knew it was going to end up badly, but she still did it. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a small metal stick. It soon extended into a spear the same length as her. She sent a quick fire blast at the back of its head, grabbing it's attention.

"C'mon big, tall and gruesome! Come get a moving target!"

The Udongo-Tumbili turned around at the distraction, and swatted away the man who was cowering at its feet. Picking up a large chair, he flung it at the teenage Illusionist, who used her spear to stop it hitting her. She sent a few more fireballs, but they just bounced off of it, not even touching the creature. This just made it angrier, tearing a huge chunk out of a wall, it lobbed it at Toana, causing her perch to be destroyed, and send her flying backwards, beside the elf selling beauty potions.

"I guess you wanted to take my eternal youth potion after all?"
"Not the time…to sell potions…"

Groggy, she turned to the male elf, before her eyes settling on the potion being offered. As the Udongo-Tumbili looked for her, she held her bracer to the potion.

"Sue, scan that potion and tell me if it can stop this thing!"
"Scanning…Scan complete, best form of application is ingestion – You must get the Udongo-Tumbili to swallow the potion,"
"Just what I thought!"

Snatching the potion and running off, ignoring the elf's protests, Toana held the bottle in a position so she could throw it with ease. Her prey spotted her and let out a monstrous roar, before the bottle was tossed, lodging it in the windpipe of the beast. Its eyes widened with shock and surprise before it slowly turned snow white, freezing in place as a marble statue of itself, harmless and innocent.

"This would make a nice addition to the garden…"

Collapsing her spear, she turned round, right into a giant club, turning the world into a black void.
Yeah, first thing in a while - Enjoy

Toana is and (C) me
Arkaden Dividre and Locales all belong to :iconraptorial: and :icondfreak235:
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