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It was a clear, cold night on top of the garage near the Arena. There was no sound, except for the exhausted grunts of application coming from one of the ships parked there. The man tossed the wrench away, satisfied that his addition to the machine was on tight.

“There…that gets the sensors range increased…”

Stretching, yawning rather loudly, he lay on his back on the roof of the interstellar beauty, rubbing his eyes. His sleep had been less than good lately, his mind filled with not so much nightmares, more…jumbled images. Sitting up, he looked upwards, as if directing his speech and thoughts to someone unseen.

“Something isn’t right…that’s what my body is telling me…”

Toao stood up, examining the blue and red pendant he had forged nearly a year ago. It was meant to stabilize his rather unstable DNA, however he was beginning to wonder if it really did anything like he designed it to.

“It should have stabilized by now…although, to be fair Science isn’t really gonna be reliable with this…”

He needed to speak to someone…the person who sent him down on the path he’s walking. He looked down at the ship, it’s name in vivid gold letters. The Phoenix was one of his prized possessions, and at this time of night, no-one came out to bug him or watch him work – mind you, not many people knew he existed around the Arena. It was a good place to sit and think – even meditate if the feeling felt right.

“So, got fluctuating DNA…got creepy monster messing with people…what else is there…”

As if on cue, three robed men floated down in front of the Scotsman. Before he could raise an eyebrow, he took a sharp kick to the face, sending him skidding across his ship. Clutching his forehead, trying to focus on his attacker, he called out

“What the hell? Who are you?”
“Who we are is inconsequential – we are here to put an end to your ways, Professor Toa Onlé of the Mad Science Academy – you have been found Guilty of Dualwelsion – the Act of using both Science and Magic – a crime found punishable by death,”
“By who?!”
“Our Masters – if you comply, we will make this painless…”
“I have another proposal…How about we…rocket to the face!”

Reaching into his Lab coat pocket, he pulled out what looked like a crossbow. Without a second aim, he pulled the trigger, launching a small missile at the Robe that kicked him. With a wave of his hand, he made the Rocket explode before it went ten feet.

“Well, crud,”

Toao did the next wise thing – he ran. The Phoenix would take too long to power up, and he wasn’t kitted out to fight people who could deflect rockets like that. Of course, for the Scot, things were never quite that easy. With shocking swiftness, one of the men blocked off his escape route, causing him to crash onto the floor onto his rear end. Standing up, he swung a couple of punches in a schoolyard fashion, and hit only air.

“Oh well, guess we do it the fun way…well, fun for us,”

With a sadistic laugh, Toao felt a blow to his stomach, winding him with telekinetic blows. Clutching his stomach, he threw a much weaker punch, only to receive another blow to the head. Before he could react, another one hit him in the back, and then another punch designed to wind him. Before he knew it, he was on the ground, protecting vital areas as the tactical TK blows rained upon him. He closed his eyes, desperately thinking of a way out. Quietly, he heard a whisper…a feminine voice echoing and repeating something.

“What are you saying…”

The whispers grew more hurried and frenzied, yet clearer as Toao strained his ears and mind to make it out, his body telling him to listen, urging, before as clear as day, as if she was standing right beside him

“Embrace yourself,”

In a burst of red light, the three would-be assassins were sent flying, unprepared for the blast. Coming to, they saw what was once cowering a man in a lab coat in a kilt, they saw a panting, enraged woman, with a spear in one hand, the wounds that were exposed slowly healing. She drew herself up to her full height, using the shock of her attackers to allow her to get in better position. Tying back her now red hair, she shook her head from the cobwebs that came from switching species – the teenage Sauroblood glared at the attackers, a fire burning in her eyes.

“I-incredible…but you still must face death, Dualwelder,”
“So we’ve gone past names….Fine, enjoy the underworld!”

Toana leapt up as the assailants closed in, throwing her spear into the ground, yelling out.


As the spear landed, a large wave of water surged out from where it landed, sending then staggering back. As she reached the peak of her leap, she pointed down with her hands at her spear and called out her bloodline’s birthright

“Blood Lightning!”

The blast hit the spear, which in turn hit the water, electrocuting the mages as they vanished into purple puffs of smoke. Landing, crashing to her knees, she struggled for breath, mentally kicking herself for doing what she did. Leaning on her spear, she yelled at the moon, it being the only thing she could yell at

“Try all you want, you won’t stop me using both! I am Toana Kairay Winters! Wielder of Magic and Science! I am one…one…”

Groaning, she stumbled – cutting her yelling short. Using the spear as a cane, she limped towards her ship, determined to get to the one person who could help.
New Storyline, new thing, new everything! This hasn't got a set update schedule - it's just something will happen, in a big way.

All people (C) me (( :iconbahamut625: ))
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