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As Rappy made her way home, she felt slightly relieved – she hadn't exactly heard the kindest rumours about Hale, so to walk away from their fight without a scratch was a bonus. However, the way she talked about Toao, had her uneasy. What did he do to anger her so much?

"Dangit, Toao…What are you up to?"

Wishing she knew where he was, Rappy looked up at her door, having her wish granted instantly, although not in the best way. Sitting passed out on her steps was Toana, several wounds across her body, her clothes showing signs of battle. Cursing under her breath, the matriarchal Sauroblood ran the remaining distance, lifting the teenage Scotsperson inside, laying her on the couch.

"How did you get into this mess?"
"Perhaps I can answer that, Mrs Winters,"

Rappy turned instinctively towards the voice, Demonbane in her hand, staring at a cloud.

"My name, nor my form is important at the moment – what is important is what happened to the girl who is lying on your couch at the moment,"
"How do you know her?"
"I am her boss at the M.S.A – and after we received a notice of the execution notice…"
"Her choice to wield both science and magic like a warrior wields a sword, and a bow and arrow has caused a group to become infuriated,"

Rappy sighed, rubbing her temples, still pointing her blade at the formless cloud. "One problem solved, another arises, it seems..." she thought to herself, before turning to the cloud. "So, what happens now?"

"The Order will send assassins to carry out the notice, but as you can see – she has been putting up a fight,"
"However, they will be unable to carry it out if she belongs to a society that has been granted immunity from their influence – you know it as the Arena ,"
Rappy blinked "The Arena has immunity? Why?"
"It does a good service, placing people and creatures that could cause untold destruction on innocents, and keeps them from going…for lack of a better term…going bananas,"
"She's not ready for the Arena yet! I can think of several people who would destroy her…"
"It's best she can prepare for those, rather than a constant stream of assassins, correct?"

Rappy's eyes narrowed at the formless cloud, swearing under her breath. "How do I know you're not simply working for this Order, trying to get her killed this way?"
"Believe me, or not – your choice, Mrs Winters – but the proof that Toana cannot keep up sustained fighting like she has is in front of both of us – tell her she'd best not let this business interfere with her job, good day!"

The cloud evaporated as the Sauroblood slashed at it in a futile attempt.

"Damnit all…"

She looked over at the still-unconscious Toana, wondering what to do next…
Woo! Moar story! Yay for moar story!

Co-credit goes to :iconraptorial: for this

Toana and formless ghost cloud boss is (C) me
Rappy is :iconraptorial: and is her
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