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Many creatures begin their life,
Something so delicate, brought into a world torn by strife.
Birds return from their break,
No longer avoiding a snowflake

Days devoted to chocolate and love,
Are far from the purity of a dove.
Trees return to their natural beauty,
As wasps and bees reclaim territory.

Heat waves and fake tans are abound,
As a rainbow of flowers rise from the ground.
The entire world runs to sea and sand,
You would think that life is grand?

Students celebrate their new found freedom,
While they prepare for a life without backed by Dad and Mum.
The vain cook themselves outside,
While the pasty remain with their computers, preferring to hide

As young and old go back to their routine,
They wonder where all their free time has been.
Looking back on what should have been done,
They now realise it’s far too late to run

The day is slowly consumed by night,
Everyone losing the thing that brightens their day – the light.
However, things aren’t all bad,
There are holidays galore! They make me glad.

Adults do their best to mentally scar a young one,
Be it stranger, niece, nephew, daughter or son.
It is a time for fireworks and sugar,
And watch the sky for a twinkle of a star.

Watch out the window as the snow begins to descend,
You start to tire of the beginning trend.
It started off as a time for family,
Now it’s just an excuse to party.

After all that happens, we seem to forget it all.
We start anew, we stand tall.
We tend to ignore the arguments, the war and the strife,
So we may continue, for this is life.
I still don't know where I got the idea for this - all I know it took me fourty minutes to write, and I think it's good enough to be put up here - cookie to the first person to figure out what I'm talking about!

Content is (C) me.
DanielaLaverne Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
... awesome ... :aww:

I have been telling you before, how wonderful you write, even compared you with John Lennon, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams ... and again you brought up a great artwork.

I love how you put words together to instantly create images and worlds in the mind of the reader.

This poem, by the way, sounds really good to the melodies of The Moody Blues' Days of Future Passed album. ^^ As if written for it ...
Bahamut625 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2008
Thanks, Dani!

Now just to attract more people, and dA shall be under my control! Mwahahahahaha!



I'll be good...
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October 23, 2008
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